NYC and Brooklyn Public Artwork

  • I am a M/ WBE Certified NYC business. I have created 3 Public Art Projects for The City of New York. My Sculpture " Railriders Throne" is in the New York City MTA's permanent collection. It is located on the downtown platform of the Columbia University subway station at 116th street. For The Brooklyn Navy Yard, I have created "The Brooklyn Navy Yard Park" and "The Railroad Track bike racks". In all of these projects I took inspiration from the Past and looked to reinvent it. In creating Public Art for a community, my goal is to create a sense of Space where people come together, interact, and feel special. 
  • The design of the Throne was influenced by the original tile work in the station. I have witnessed commuters actually express disappointment when the train has arrived before they had a chance to rest in the Throne. As an artist, I can't imagine a higher compliment.
  • For The Brooklyn Navy Yard Park, I repurposed ship doors into park tables. It was important that the wheels would once again turn in the new location. I want people to interact both visually and physically with the art. 
  • The glass block from a now demolished machine shop inspired the “Glass Block benches”. The reflection of light on the glass changes during the day. I love the natural beauty of light that nature brings to the Park. 
  • With the "Railroad Track"  bike and motorcycle racks, I repurposed track that once ran for miles thru the Yard. It wasn't until I unearthed the track that I saw how it had been engineered to connect underground. I decided to visually expand on the original functional aspect in my sculptural design. 
  • Public interaction and response is important. I both weld and fabricate all work in my Studio. In addition to being a working artist, I have taught art at several Universities. I am currently a Part-time Associate Professor at the New School University and Parsons School of Constructed Environments .